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ASHOKA is a restaurant whose owners are originally from India with a mission to prove that Indian cuisine can be as subtle and finely balanced as any of the worlds greatest cuisines. Here in Ashoka we are proud to introduce you to the true essence of Indian Cuisine. This great art of Indian cooking dates back to the days of the Moghul Empire when the Master Chefs lavished their talents to tempt the palates of the mighty Maharajas (Kings). Generally rich and creamy in taste, the dishes are also not very spicy.  Tandoori items are our speciality, these dishes of meats, seafood and chicken are delicately flavoured by a combination of special marinades and grilled to perfection in a traditional clay oven known as tandoor.
Coming here, you have a chance to try many kinds of traditional Indian food which is cooked by experienced, professional Indian chefs. Indian goat curry, Indian chicken curry, Indian breads, rice dishes and a good range of appetizers and Indian desserts round out the menu. We also have a wide range of mouth watering vegetarian dishes which are meat free. Besides that we also serve Indian Chinese and Halal food.

At Ashoka we believe that food should not only please the palate but also the eyes and our warm ambience, enthusiastic and thoughtful staff together with reasonable price will satisfy you.

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